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Update April 27, 2022

The number of older vessels that are in the current boat "population" continues to grow. Experience shows that, without fail, there is a direct correlation between the age of the boat and effort required to survey it.

The older the boat, the longer and dirtier is the survey process and the longer the debriefing process at the end of the survey day. The older the boat, the longer the time spent typing the report and the more follow up with helping find repair facilities or repair personnel as well as comment on how we would suggest that the repairs be done.

If the boat has already been rehabilitated, the survey time is lengthened by trying to verify if the repairs have been accomplished in a workmanlike manner and if they are compliant with accepted standards and practices.

There is not one aspect of the survey process that is not impacted by the age or size of the boat. With this in mind we employ a tiered pricing model. Please call us for a total cost quote based on the age, size, type, and location of the vessel you would like to have surveyed.

Consultation / Damage inspection
$100.00 per hour

Boats greater than 60 feet in length and/or older than 40 years quoted on an individual basis. Please call for rates.

Fluid Sampling and Analysis
Fluid analysis of engine and generator crankcase oil and transmission fluid via Ring Power SOS Fluid Analysis Service. Ring Power's lab provides particle count testing, oil condition analysis, wear metals analysis and viscosity testing.
$55.00 each.

Scheduling, Payment and Cancellation

We will gladly hold a survey date as a courtesy for 24 hours while you work with your broker to arrange a haulout time.

To book your survey date, we require a 50% non-refundable deposit. The balance of the survey fee is due upon completion of the onboard inspection.

Cancellations after the surveyor is on-site, or the discontinuation of a survey prior to 11:00 A.M., will result in a fee of 75% of the published rate. A report or "work list" will not be provided for discontinued surveys.

Credit card payments are subject to a 3.5% processing fee. Your check is gladly accepted with notice given at the time of booking.

Additional Charge Schedule

$100.00 per hour, charged in increments of quarter hour, for a second trip to the vessel if requested or required; time spent in non-survey related duties including vessel run aground, preparing the boat for survey, repairs, waiting, car shuffling, boat shuffling, etc.

Mileage, outside of normal service area
$1.00 per mile (This charge covers both the actual expense and the hours invested in travel time)
Other travel rates on request.

Call us

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